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Gummy Bear Iced By Puff XXL - Sweet, Icy & Cloudy

Remember those gummy bears you ate as a kid? Well now you can feel nostalgic while vaping on Gummy Bear Iced by Puff XXL.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as biting into a gummy bear. Puff Bar XXL disposables are a fresh face to flavor options that features all the sweetness and tanginess of exotic fruits and your favorite candies. It is a complete spot with just the right flavor of ice and menthol. The balance is enticing and tastes like a mouthful of sweet and tangy gummy bears. If you are a big fan of gummies, this is the flavor you need to cheer yourself up. We’ve proudly picked out the best flavor in the market for you to pair with the quality inhalant that will get you through the day.

Key Specifications

This disposable is designed for convenience and vaping on the move, the Puff XXL lasts 1600 puffs per device and provides an ultimate satisfaction with quality nicotine salt blend. If you haven’t experienced the tastiest gummy bear flavor yet, it’s time for you to get one. Because for a change, luscious flavors work incredibly great.

The device stands out from its competitors on the market because of the “integrated tank” inside. A must-have vape for your daily cravings and simply dispose when finished. It’s compact in size and pocket-friendly, making it easier to carry.

  • Up to 1600 Puff Count

  • Pre-filled Vape Juice 1.3ml

  • Pre-filled Battery 280mAh

  • More than 15 clean & pure flavours

  • Compact & Light-weight

  • Draw Activated Firing Mechanism

  • VG/PG Blend - 70/30

  • Salt Nicotine - 5%

  • Reasonably Priced

  • Must Be 21 To Use

  • Life Expectancy Up To 2 years

What is the taste of Gummy Bear Iced Like?

This flavor by Puff XXL is the smoothest, most extravagant gummy bear flavor you will discover. Envision a pleasant full-bodied gummy bear breathe in, with slight notes of ice and menthol on the breathe out. In the event that you can’t grab all that gummies from your favorite store, this will be your new top pick.

Due to clean taste and tight draws, this device has become the hottest selling in vaping history and is perfectly suitable for a flavorful experience. The pod delivers all the flavor goodness that you have come to expect. There is plenty of enjoyment in each Puff XXL disposable Vape. However, this product is not for sale for minors and intended to deliver products that may contain Nicotine.

Where to Buy Gummy Bear Iced Vape Flavor?

Puff XXL has been ruling the vape industry for quite a long time. It is one of the most compact size pods, giving you excellent features with a decent design. Each pod is up to 1600 puffs where you can enjoy the smoothest and fresh taste from each puff.

You can easily buy this from reliable and licensed online stores that features each and every flavor of this pod. So do not worry about the vape mail ban, your favorite pod will still be delivered at your address.


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