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NKD 100 Max 4500 Disposable Vape To Sway Your Blues Away!

With just the right charm to enjoy 4500 puffs of some of the finest flavors in the world, the NKD 100 Max Disposable Vape is a pleasantly handy and portable device. The Naked 100 Max Disposable Vape arrives filled with your preferred 5% nicotine salt e-liquids and is prepared to use anytime you are. It fits easily in your pocket.

The NKD 100 Max Disposable , one of Raven Route' most well-known and latest items, will be discussed next. The brand has an incredible range of products, which it has previously showcased, with this being the most recent addition. Like us, you are interested in learning more about the product. We will discuss this new product that is currently on the market in light of your enthusiasm for it. Follow along with us as we navigate it!

A Little More About The NKD 100 Max Disposable!

The demands and desires of the client are taken into consideration when developing the product. It is a business with a solid reputation for producing high-quality liquids and conducting extensive research, qualities that have elevated it to the top choice among both smokers and vapers. The NKD 100 Max Disposable from The Naked Brand strikes the perfect chord between potent performance, top-notch e-juice, and enticing flavors. Some of the best e-juice you'll ever taste comes in the Naked vaping gadget line's NKD 100 Max. For everyone who appreciates both vaping and smoking, it is the ideal portable vaping device.

The NKD 100 Max Disposable is a discrete gadget that may even fit in the breast pocket because of how easily it can be tucked away in your pocket. The gun also has a mouthpiece that syncs to your lip and a draw-activated firing mechanism. It is easy to recognize and environmentally safe to use due to the wonderful color variation of the flavors. The gadget is not advised for use with sub-ohm tank systems because it contains nicotine, 5% salt, and a 1.2-ohm coil. This component should only be used with low-wattage devices.

A 500 mAh rechargeable battery with a capacity of about 4500 puffs and a 10 mL e-juice capacity are also included in the NKD 100 Max Disposable. Simply said, the NKD 100 Max Disposable is a potent vape that might provide your body and spirit with the highest levels of fulfillment. These days, vaping devices like the NKD 100 Max Disposable are easy to recharge and refuel. This vaporizer is appropriate for use by anyone who smokes or vapes.

What Are The Unprecedented Features Of The NKD 100 Max 4500 Disposable Vape?

The disposable NKD 100 Max The NKD 100 Max Disposable is the best gadget ever thanks exclusively to vape's features and characteristics. Listed below are a few of them:

  • A total of 4500 puffs are equivalent to many traditional cigarettes.

  • An e-juice capacity of 10 ml.

  • An integrated battery of 500 mAh power.

  • 5% Nicotine salt concentration.

  • Salt nicotine type.

  • 1.2 Ohm coil.

  • Automated draw-activated mechanism.

  • 8 delicious and mouth-watering e-liquid flavors.

Given all of these benefits, it is easy to understand why NKD 100 Max Disposable is swiftly winning over everyone.

What Are The Scrumptious NKD 100 Max Flavors?

The best vaping will be provided by NKD 100's 8 distinctive e-liquid flavors. Look at them below:

  1. Ice Apple: Crispy apple juice combined with menthol creates a pleasantly cold elixir that you won't be able to put down and will continue to vape for hours on end. You will feel fulfilled and refreshed using this mixture.

  2. Ice Brain Freeze: This complex fruit blend, Ice Brain Freeze, has just the right amount of menthol to keep you returning for more. With each puff, delicious notes of cool strawberries, kiwis, and pomegranates burst into your mouth.

  3. Ice Blueberry Lemon: Have you ever had a sour acidity with a slightly cooled sweet flavor in a vape? A mentholated lemon and blueberry combo will give you the most pleasure while resetting your mood to one of freshness.

  4. Ice Cherry Lemon: - Indulge in the mouthwatering taste of cold cherries and lemon slices for an amazing experience. eLiquids that offer the ideal flavor combination must also contain freshly squeezed e-juice.

  5. Ice Guava Berries: This traditional semi-tropical mixture combines guavas with a variety of berries and is finished with cold menthol. A few puffs will quench your thirst and supply the proper dosage.

  6. Ice Peach Mango: Ice Peach Mango is a cool concoction of mango cubes and sun-warmed peaches that has a menthol undertone. The resultant flavor is a tropical sweetness explosion that is both satiating and energizing.

  7. Ice watermelon: Ice watermelon is an excellent summertime delicacy. The flavor and perfume of chilled watermelon are perfectly balanced and extremely satiating.

  8. Lava Flow: This e-liquid is a "Must Have" because it is delicate and very refreshing. It brims with delicious strawberry, coconut, and pineapple flavors. Enjoy every sip of this delightful vape juice and feel joy.

Menthol, Peach, Berries, Apple, Mango, Watermelon, Kiwi, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Guava, and Coconut make up the main flavor.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About The NKD 100 Max 4500 Disposable Vape!

  • How much nicotine is present in the NKD 100 Disposable?

The NKD 100 Disposable must contain 5%, or 50 mg, of nicotine salt

to win.

  • Is the NKD 100 Max Rechargeable?

It can't be recharged, we're sorry. After using the new device for a while, you can get rid of the old one.

  • The NKD 100 Max can resist how many impacts?

Approximately 4500–5000 puffs can be obtained with a strong 500 mAh battery.

  • Can NKD 100 Max be refilled?

The NKD 100 Max's included 10 ml of e-liquid juice is already filled. You can discard the previous one after it is finished and continue with the new one.

  • How can you tell whether an e-liquid bottle is empty?

Withdraw when the flavor is fully gone, feels scorched, or is worn out.


Nkd 100 Max stands for scrumptious ways to unwind. The Long Beach, California-based Schwartz e-liquid organization, is the owner of the brand NKD 100. They are well known for their fruit flavors and are experts in their field. Now you can have some of your favorite NKD 100 flavors in a remarkably portable throwaway container!


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