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Significant Tips to last longer your Vaping Device: Big Bar DUO

You're probably wary of digging around your house looking for extra bottles of vape juice that may or might not contain any remaining drips of vape juice. Make frequent visits to your local vape shop since you can't manage to keep a bottle of liquid stocked for more than a week at a time? If this describes you, this is the blog you need to be reading right now.

Our suggestions for making your e-liquid, like Big Bar Duo, last longer can be found in this blog post. With these helpful ideas, you should conserve more of the precious nectar that makes vaping so enjoyable. They range from storage suggestions to minor adjustments to your equipment.

Appropriate Storage is a Crucial Step

As surprising as it may seem, storing your vape juice properly is the first step toward making it last longer. Light, air, and heat may rapidly deteriorate a vape juice, rendering it unusable for vaping since the nicotine and taste will become bitter or non-existent due to the degradation. So, if you want your vape juice to last longer, the first step is to understand how to store it to maximize its effectiveness properly.

Nicotine Salt is an Ideal Option

To extend your vape juice, we suggest switching to nicotine salts. Nicotine salts give a smoother impact and provide more nicotine per e-liquid. The nicotine impact should be faster, resulting in less vaping as you are satiated sooner, conserving vape juice. You will remove the harshness of the throat hit with nicotine salts since they are smoother. But there is another option.

How about switching to a higher Nicotine Strength

Instead of switching to nicotine salts, you may always switch to a vape juice with a greater nicotine level, such as a conventional vape juice. In essence, it would have the same effect as nicotine salts, but the severity of the throat hit would still be there. There are, as before, certain caveats. For example, when the amount of nicotine in your cigarette grows, the severity of the throat hit grows as well.

Use Low-Power Devices (Such as Big Bar Duo) Instead of High-Powered Devices

This should have been the first item on the list, but one way to extend the life of your vape juice is to avoid using high-powered devices. If you possess a variable wattage box mod, you're probably aware that they may rapidly deplete your vape juice supply, particularly when set to the maximum level permitted by the coil.

You can convert from a cigarette to a vape pen or pod system to conserve your vape juice. These devices do not produce large clouds of vapor, but since they use less juice, they are more cost-effective in the long term and help you to keep your vape juice bottles topped up. You may utilize your box mod and sub-ohm devices, though, if you don't want to give up on vaping altogether.

Make use of the lowest wattage possible.

It is recommended that you verify the wattage range of your coils and utilize them at their lowest setting if you really cannot live without your box mod. This will guarantee that every drop counts and that your vape juice will last longer than you anticipated; nevertheless, we believe that moving to a pod system or vape pen will have a larger effect on the lifespan of your vape juice. However, if you still want to use your box mod, you can.

To Sum Up

With these helpful hints, you should be able to extend the life of your vape juice and reduce the number of visits to the vape shop, thereby keeping your wallet happy. Remember that the most effective method to prolong the life of your vape juice is to combine all of these strategies to get the greatest results possible.


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