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Tailor Infinitely Satisfying Clouds: Vape On Big Boy Glow

It is an open secret how the disposable pod mods have replaced the heretofore traditional and other variants of e-cigs. Teenagers and youth, especially in the United States of America have suddenly migrated to puffing with throwaways for their hi-tech, user-friendly designs like puff bar that come with a better range of flavor options. They are an ensnaring delight to their ears, making them hooked forever. Big Boy Glow is one of the same feels with many eye-stealing features that every vaper craves for. Let’s take you through each of them one by one.

The Cloud Count !

You get to taste approximately 3500 nicotine clouds which are not only flowy but also thick, velvety and tasty on the tongue. With this, the nicotine strength of 5% hits the throat satisfyingly. The nicotine is blended in the form of salt in the 8ml of e-liquid. Those who are comfortable with Mouth to Lung Vaping can blindly trust this unit.

The awesome flavors of Big Boy Glow exceeds the traditional ones like tobacco and cool mints. This uber-chic vaping system outreaches itself with trendy savory puff names like-

  • Aloe Grape

  • Cotton Clouds

  • Mega Mint

  • Strawberry Birthday Cake

  • Strawberry Guava Freeze

All the flavors are created keeping in mind the original tastes and will give you the refreshing fresh feels. None of the flavoring agents used will be harmful for health. Pick up your first taste and get your palates exposed to the delicious puff hit.

What is Big Boy Glow like?

They are very stylish and sleek-looking straightly designed pod mods to give you the smooth vapor hits that are also Yummmm-eeeee at the same time! This vape device is buttonless making it convenient to puff as they are already filled with an e-juice and have an automated battery functioning that activates as soon as you inhale the very first vapor from it.

You just have to rip their cover and set yourself to the vaping.

Is the look appealing and user-friendly?

It is certainly captivating and portable to use!! The plain color of Big Boy Glow Disposable Vape varies according to the taste option that you select. There is no other sticker or art designed on them. On one edge of the system, an arrow is marked that points towards the two inhaling holes on the device while on the other side a small cloud depiction is shown which borders the word “BIG BOY GLOW”. At the middle of the body, the name of the flavor is written.

Bodies are made from plastic so take care while disposing of these units after you vape. Don’t fret, the plastic used is of high quality and therefore feels soft on the mouth nor will it overheat while the current flows from the battery during your time to vape.

The best part is the glowing feature of this vape. On every vapor you inhale, there is a light that glows and boosts the vaper’s pride with a luxurious feeling.

Is there any other harmful chemical in the e-liquid?

Not really! Apart from nicotine, there is propylene glycol, glycerol, or vegetable glycerine which is just to add a little sweetness to make your puffs flawless.Along with the nicotine and glycerol, other compounds are added to do the mingling of flavors for your mouth-watering cloud hits.Sometimes the water is also added.

Are they legal?

Yes, Big Boy Glow has successfully passed the legality procedures and the FDA-Food and Drugs Association monitors their production and advertising based on the WHO’s official reports.

Conclusion To Awesome Throat Hits!

Doesn’t the above web feed enough of a whisper to get this outstanding vape crawling into your pockets? It is portable, travel-friendly, light-weighted, exquisitely colorful and flavorful, mess-free, and above all, it has the perfect quantity of puffs that can serve the purpose of alarming you to not get addicted to nicotine and smoking. Order now from the vaping lavishness you have been longing for and vape wisely!


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