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UWell Caliburn A2 Pod Kit: Simple and Sorted!

Looking for simple vaping support? UWell has launched its augmented version and now simplicity comes with a magnificent vaping experience with UWell Caliburn A2 Pod Kit that can be kept as the ultimate vaping keep. Being a smart way to make your vaping experience enriching, it can be continued forever by just replacing the UWell Caliburn A2 Replacement Pods whenever they begin to wear out. Let’s dig in a little deeper and briefer.

How does Vaping with Uwell Caliburn A2 feel?

This pocket-sized vape is created on an automatic firing mechanism which can be experienced by pressing the round-shaped fire button. The refillable pod contains an e-juice capacity of 2ml and can be used for vaping both regular nicotine and no nicotine-based vaping.

It has a micro USB port at the base which can be changed by using any type C cable and works on a 520mAh battery. There is also an LED light at the middle of this vape which lights up every time you inhale your puffs. Ideal for both MTL and DL vaping. You feel at cloud nine holding this vape.

Whenever the resistance coil frays, get yourself a pack of newer UWell Caliburn A2 Replacement Pods which contains four pieces to get you through to an unhindered vaping by keeping you stocked up for times when you are on the move.

How to replace UWell Caliburn A2 Replacement Pods?

It is as easy as a pie, just gently remove the wasted cartridge pod from your vape by pulling and insert the newer, filled one by placing it at the same position and pressing it downwards until it gives you the clicking sound.

How are the size and drip tip of UWell Caliburn A2 Replacement Pods?

This device has a super sleek design and there is no way you are going to take your eyes off. It feels light on the palm and smooth in touch. In comparison to the disposable pod mods, it is smaller and sleeker in grip and that is why many find these more attractive than the one-time vapes.

The drip tip is soft and feels good on the lips while you pull a draw. There is not even a moment when you will get an uncomfortable feeling.

How to use UWell Caliburn A2?

For putting this vape on fire, press the round fire button that’s above the LED five times within a fraction of seconds, and you are set to vape. Using the same button but pressing it quickly three times, you can access its temperature control according to the flow and size of the clouds you are comfortable vaping on.

How do I know whether my UWell Caliburn A2 is in temperature control mode or not?

If after pressing the fire button the 3 times, the LED light remains to glow without any blinking like in the case when you pull the draws then this means it is now on the temperature control mode and that you are vaping while it is on the temperature control mode.

There is also another case when this light glows permanently and that is when you charge it.

You can connect the Type C cable either to an adaptor or with the port on your PC. If the light remains off then this means it is not charging and you need to check with the circuit and wiring. Once the device is fully charged the light indicator will stop glowing.

Order your UWell Caliburn Pod Kit Now!

It is evident that you order the UWell Caliburn A2 and UWel Caliburn A2 Replacement Pods from an authentic source since they are going to connect with your body and are a matter of health concern. Order only from reliable stores like Not just this, but you should also verify it by researching about the vape you bought online and scanning its QR Code.


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