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Vape On Utterly Delicious Puffs- Big Boy Glow Carries It All

Are you looking for out-of-the-world vape tastes? In today's milieu, selecting the right taste to vape on can be a bit overwhelming as the availability of the vape tastes is immensely diverse. Here, we will give you a detailed flavor display of the flavors of the Big Boy Glow which are prepared as the latest editions of the refreshing and exciting tastes. It is the vape deal that is nothing but the winner when it comes to an overall vaping experience.

Aloe Grape

This flavor is scented with the subtle softness of the gel-like aloe extract that is slightly sweet. Blended with the fresh juice of grapes, it makes the sourness of the grapes more appetizing. Overall, it feels sweet and gel-like to the throat and your taste buds can get some notes of grape flavor.

Cotton Clouds

The rich decadent flavor comes straight from the cotton candies. It's loaded with sweetness just like in a macaron or a marshmallow. Vaping with this one is like going on some fair ride or a beautiful childhood memory. All those who still have fixations on candies would love this flavor to the core.

Mega Mint

Need an instant chill during the middle of a busy day? Mega mint is one of the best flavors to hand down for such short breaks. Delivers the taste of authentic menthol leaves which can instantly calm you down and get you back on the energy and enthusiasm. For a rapid mood enhancer, vape with this classic taste.

Strawberry Guava Freeze

This flavor is perfect to vape on for it has been prepared by a beautiful concoction of strawberries and guavas. To top it is the minty sensation that makes it no less than a

mocktail drink. Freeze your vape time with this ultra-tasty savory that will take your senses to an enthralling escapade.

Strawberry Birthday Cake

An explosion of strawberries imbued in an assortment of cream just like you crave for on birthdays. It is a fruitful sugary journey that not only satisfies your nicotine needs but also sorts your palates with a succulent taste that one craves at mid-days.

These are the 5 flavors that are unique and worth a try but apart from these, you can also pick one from the basic ones that are available in other vapes as well. These are as under-

  • Aloe Mango Ice

  • Aloe Watermelon

  • Blue Gummy Ice

  • Blue Raz Ice

  • French Vanilla

  • Lush Ice

  • Peach Gummy Ice

  • Strawberry Banana


The flavors taste luscious and fine only because they have been created using the right compounds in the right quantities. The total vape juice of 8ml that runs on the automatic light-up mechanism feels amazing on the inhales and exhales because it holds the apt nicotine level of 5% and Vegetable Glycerine and Propyl Glycol in the ratio of 70:30. These account for the inch-perfect flavorful nicotine hits.

The battery-powered 900mAh is sturdy enough to deliver the fluent air draws which just need inhales at your end. Being disposable it needs no recharging and refilling.

The best part is that it can still deliver up to 3500 puffs! Perfect for portability, the flavors of this vape can be deployed anytime. It can beautifully fit in your pocket and thus you can take a vape sneak at any moment of the day!

Sum Up

Tasting vaping through big boy glow disposable vape is super classy. It not only has an opulence of flavors but is built as well. Now, you can vape mess-free and give your tongues a swinging tasteful ride that can be relished through multiple tastes. Vaping with each sets your mood on fire and can destress your day's worries even faster. So, define your vape taste now by ordering from, a store that vapers swear by!

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